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The 2024 YPC Grant is OPEN!

2024 NELSON COUNTY YPC FUNDING PRIORITY: The Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) of the Nelson County Community Fund announces the availability of $15,000 in grant funding and invites nonprofit organizations to submit an application addressing the following funding priorities:

1. Programs and services that provide access to affordable housing for Nelson County residents;


2. Programs and services that provide access to mental health resources for Nelson County residents.

These funding priorities address basic needs which are critical factors in keeping individuals and communities healthy and resilient. We are interested in programs that both address the lack of these resources and those that provide direct services in addressing these needs.

About Our YPC

In collaboration with the Nelson County High School and the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge, the Nelson County Community Fund established its Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) in 2023. The YPC initiative is to provide opportunities for local youth to learn and practice the art of “philanthropy,” and engage in philanthropic leadership by forming a grant making body as a program of the Nelson County Community Fund. By including the voices and insights of the youth of our communities, we can better understand our community needs and build commitment among diverse ages to address these needs. The YPC is a 15-member body composed of 1 sophomore, 6 juniors and 8 seniors who currently attend Nelson County High School.

YPC Timeline 2023-2024

August 2023 Meeting to determine interest
September 2023 Meeting to formalize membership in YPC
October 2023 Introduction of “Philanthropy,” “Non profit vs. For Profit Organizations,” and local community foundations
Early November 2023 Establishing funding priorities
December/Early January Finalizing Grant Application and Call for Proposals
January 2024 Release of Call for Proposals
March 2024 Decision Making Meeting
April 2024 Presentation of Grants, date TBD


For questions please email:
Dakota Justus
Jennell Charles, Vice President NCCF Board of Directors at or call/text at 404-326-0736.

How does my organization apply for a grant?

NCCF grants, including the newly launched Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) grants, are awarded a total of three times a year. Proposal deadlines are December 31 (for a February/March decision), February 28th/29th (YPC grants, for a March/April decision), and June 30 (for a July/August decision).

To apply for a grant, follow these steps:
1.  Download and complete the Grant Application Procedure by clicking on the appropriate form below and return it via email to:

2.  Your organization’s Grant Application will be reviewed by the Nelson County Community Fund Board of Directors and you may be selected for a site visit to assess your organization’s needs and services. All YPC grants will first be reviewed by the YPC and recommendations for awards made to the NCCF Board of Directors.

3.  If your organization is selected to receive an NCCF or NCCF/YPC grant, you will be responsible for completing a report, using a version of this form:

4.  Your organization also will be asked to share videos, photos, and news updates about projects funded through the NCCF grant. Use this media release form to allow NCCF to promote its mission by posting your images and news on our website.

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