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What kind of programs receive NCCF grants?

Since 2000, NCCF has awarded over 300 grants to some 70 unique agencies and programs serving residents of Nelson County. These grants total nearly $2,000,000.

Education, scholarships, seniors, medical, dental, hunger, childcare, disabilities, and refurbishing substandard housing are all areas where the NCCF has made positive, life-changing contributions.

~ The Blue Ridge Medical Center’s Rural Health Outreach Program (RHOP) (see mobile clinic below) is just one example of a program that has received funding from NCCF grants to support its operation.

Grants are made to tax-exempt public charities under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and to government agencies. Grants are limited to projects in Nelson County. Grants are made without regard to factors of gender, race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Careful consideration is given to the potential impact of the project and to especially imaginative and collaborative approaches to solving community needs. Categories of support include but are not limited to, human services, education, environment, health, community needs, and development.

Both seed money grants for innovative new programs and sustaining grants to organizations performing services vital to the community will be considered. Projects of interest include those that assist citizens whose needs are not met by existing services and those that benefit a significant number of citizens of the community.

What types of projects are generally not supported?

Support is not generally provided for endowments, deficit reduction, fund-raising events, or annual appeals of well-established organizations, religious programs, grants to individuals, or projects normally under the dictates of a government agency.

To apply for a grant, follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the Grant Application Procedure by clicking on the form below and return it via email to:
  2. Your organization’s Grant Application will be reviewed by the Nelson County Community Fund board of directors, and you may be selected for a site visit to assess your organization’s needs and services.
  3. If your organization is selected to receive an NCCF grant, you will be responsible for completing a report, using a version of this form:
  4. Your organization also will be asked to share videos, photos, and news updates about projects funded through the NCCF grant. Use this media release form to allow NCCF to promote its mission by posting your images and news on our website.

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