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A recent local blood drive that also raised awareness of the need for donors to fight Sickle Cell anemia was a big success.
Funded by a grant from NCCF, the event drew more than 30 donors and collected enough units of blood to save more than 72 lives, according to Bill Brent, executive director of the Central Virginia Chapter of the American Red Cross.
The event was held on May 1 at the Nelson Heritage Center, the heart of Nelson County’s black community, as part of ARC’s Diverse Blood Donor – Sickle Cell Initiative. Brent lauded NCCF for its longtime support of ARC and for being “the first Central Virginia valued community partner to support its sickle cell initiative.”
“Not only did NCCF underwrite the event, but many board members also showed up, rolled up their sleeves and gave the gift of life,” he added.

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Bill Hughes, spouse of NCCF Board member Linda Hughes, showed his support by giving blood at a special American Red Cross blood drive targeted at drawing diverse donors to provide blood to treat victims of Sickle Cell anemia. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the already short supply of blood for those with this blood disorder.