An Opportunity to Care and Share


The Nelson County Community Fund was established in early 2000 when a generous Nelson County resident named Gordon Smyth donated $10,000 as seed money to start a fund dedicated to tackling the many challenges confronting local citizens and agencies. The NCCF is a committee advised fund which is a part of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation.

The NCCF Advisory Committee

The advisory committee of the NCCF raises funds – large and small – that are allocated by the donors for the Nelson County non profit programs. The committee is comprised of a broad geographical, cross cultural and socio-economic spectrum of the community. Some have hands-on knowledge of the county’s needs. Others come from financial, marketing, and fund raising backgrounds.

Twice a year, the Advisory Committee reviews grant requests from non-profit charitable organizations serving Nelson County. Based on the relative merits of the various grant requests and available funds, disbursement recommendations are made. With funds from many donors, NCCF grants enable the non-profit organizations and agencies to have a greater impact on providing for the needs in Nelson County.

Advisory Committee


The all-volunteer Advisory Committee makes decisions concerning the distribution of funds during the grant process and recommends grant awards to Charlottesville Area Community Foundation. The Advisory Committee is pictured above:
Back row, left to right: Jane Francis, Peter Agelasto, Wisteria Johnson (retired member), Sue Klett, Emma Wardlaw, Joe Steele. Front row, left to right: George Krieger, Sue Love, Donna McCurdy, Sarah Jane Stewart. Carole Saunders.
Members not pictured: Connie Brennan and Andrew Hodson.


The Role of the CACF

The NCCF operates under the charter of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF) – a 501c3 organization which oversees the NCCF’s unrestricted general fund and endowment fund. The CACF offers committee advised funds, such as NCCF, a uniquely flexible mechanism to accomplish its charitable goals. The CACF maintains records and reports, offers advice, and gives donors the maximum tax benefits allowed under federal law.