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Opportunity Ball History

What is the purpose of the Opportunity Ball?

The Ball provides critically needed funds for the Nelson County Community Fund (NCCF) grant awards. All of the proceeds generated through sponsorships, auctions, and donations at the Ball go directly to benefit people in Nelson County through grants awarded to qualified non-profit organizations that serve them.

What is the Nelson County Community Fund?

NCCF was established to help those in need within Nelson County. NCCF operates with a totally volunteer Advisory Committee as a committee-advised fund that makes grants to local charitable organizations and agencies with the expressed goal of improving the life of Nelson County residents. Our work is accomplished by collaborating with nonprofits, funders, community leaders, and other partners to tackle important issues in our county. The NCCF operates under the charter of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF) – a 501(c)(3) organization that oversees the NCCF’s unrestricted general and endowment funds.

NCCF works by collecting funds from generous donors and by fund raising through events such as the Opportunity Ball. These dollars are invested in local charities that have applied through grant applications.

What Types of Programs does NCCF fund?

Education, scholarships, senior care, medical, dental, food for the hungry, childcare, support for persons with disabilities, refurbishing of substandard housing – these are all areas where NCCF has made positive, life changing contributions in response to appeals for assistance.

Photos from the 2015 Opportunity Ball:

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